It’s Your Life…Take Charge!

Ever wonder who’s running the show and why you always seem to be the underdog? Everyone and his brother wants to control you and if you allow it they will, not to benefit you but to serve their own purpose. It’s up to you to take charge, after all,  it’s your life.

We are all programmed at an early age to follow the example of the older and wiser and there is wisdom in following the more experienced but at some point you need to break free and blaze your own path. How will you know how far you can fly if you never stretch your wings and try.

A truck driver once told me when he turns on his signal he’s not asking permission, he’s telling others what he is going to do. Life is similar, if you wait until others give you permission you will always be a follower falling short of your full potential.

Depending on which expert you listen to the average person uses ten to thirty five percent of their brain’s potential power. Imagine what you could do if you could learn to access 100%. Nothing would be beyond your reach in a world literally without limits.

Immediately after birth the brain begins building your memory bank, storing what you learn from your daily experiences for future use. The more you feed it the more it grows and the more powerful it becomes. Although it expands automatically from routine daily experience it can be increased dramatically by consciously feeding new and unknown knowledge into it.

Similar to the muscles in your body the more you use it the more it grows and the stronger it becomes. So never allow the unknown to hinder you from expanding your life, even if you get it all wrong it will still add more useful data to your memory bank. Never settle for less when there is always more waiting for you to unlock it for your use and pleasure.

You never know what may be around the corner until you dare to venture into the unknown and take a look. Don’t let excuses like “I don’t know how” hold you back. Jump in with both feet, worse case scenario you will learn something new and it could very well be an exciting life changing revelation.

Reach for the stars, dream great dreams and live life to the fullest!


The Dream…Illusion Or Reality?

Does the dream control your reality or does reality control your dream? In the overall scheme of life does it make a difference, after all who can really know beyond a doubt what is real and what is illusion. Common belief that if you can touch and feel it must be real could be totally false and just be part of the grand illusion.

Dare To Dream…escape perceived reality as you travel through entertwinning trails blending past present and future seamlessly to unknown destinations. Marvel at the creation of new and unexpected events as they unfold revealing the depths of glorious beauty and sometimes ugly truth the human mental process is capable of. Enjoy the trip while it last as it can and will end abruptly as you awaken and are jolted back to the dream state called reality.

The dream and reality seem equally real so how do you determine which is so called reality and which is possibly just the meandering of a sleeping mind. Considering how little is known about the true capacity of the mind it would seem foolish to rule out or limit the possibilities.

Who’s The Controller…Have you ever awakened from a pleasant dream and suddenly realized you can’t remember any details or what the dream was about. It’s almost as though someone or some thing flipped a switch blocking access to that portion of your mind. Think you are in control of your mind, think again! Seems the doorway between the conscious and subconscious is closely guarded, but why is a mystery.

The Mind… never sleeps, actively processing data and sending commands to the body around the clock. Undoubtedly the conscious state has some influence on the unconscious or sleep state and the reverse is probably true as well but how much is difficult to measure without full access to the dream state.

Advancements… have been made by medical science in recent years but still very little is known about the function of the brain and what makes it work  so perfectly. We all use it every day but are only able to tap into a fraction of it’s full potential. The potential power that is unused is mind blowing to say the least.

………..WHAT IF ?………..

Keeping The Dream Alive

Many people view dreamers as foolish wasters of productive time but keeping the dream alive may play a much larger roll in the lives of man than has previously been accepted. Consider that dreaming of better goals or destinations enables a sense of purpose and self worth enriching life itself.


Granted if all you do is dream it may not contribute to the quality of life but if you strive to accomplish your dreams life will be sweeter and almost certainly longer. Man was not designed to just occupy space but to struggle to achieve, to advance in growth both physically and mentally in all aspects of life.  Cease to dream and you will accelerate decay of life and invariably shorten your time on earth.


It’s not really important what your dream is, large or small, what is important is that you have one or more. When you lose or give up on your dreams you lose interest in living and become almost lethargic resulting in early death. Striving to achieve the object or goal of your dreams even if not successful results in a better quality of life as long as you don’t give up.


It’s easy to throw in the towel when the going get’s rough and sometimes very difficult to persevere but positive thoughts will overcome any obstacles. May help to remember that winners never quit and quitters never win. Stay the course and the rewards will be worth the effort.


The first and most important element for success is believing you can accomplish the task ahead and maintaining a can do attitude. If you don’t believe it’s possible you might as well wave the white flag and surrender.


If you have a dream you can turn it into a reality if you believe and are willing to exert a little effort or a lot of effort depending on the size of your dream, nothing is impossible. The world may tell you it can’t be done but don’t let them hinder you, dream big and prove them wrong. It’s your dream after all and only you can bring it to life.

Dream Chasers Go-The Good Life

After many years chasing the dream of the good life it has slowly dawned on me there was no need for the chase as the good life was in my possession the whole time. The realization began to sink in while pondering past experiences that once seemed extremely important and now seem inconsequential in retrospect. Emphasis was often placed on achieving material milestones or “keeping up with the better class.”

More money, a better car, a bigger house, all status symbols that seemed desirable but produced little satisfaction and hardly improved the quality of life. Learning to appreciate what you have is probably one of the hardest lessons that life has to offer. We tend to want more but when we get it we only want more, what we need is never enough to satisfy our want.

Connecting With The Good Life…

The living God is love in it’s purest form so naturally life is best when the primary focus is love. Love of God, family, and mankind, if your focus is on material things you will miss out on the best life has to offer. For example, if money is all important to you, money is your god but money can’t return love or any emotion at all. At some point you will look back and realize your life has been wasted on the pursuit of material stuff that is inconsequential, producing an empty existence.

Love is the key to the good life, not to be confused with lust which fades with time, love withstands the test of time. The first encounter with love can and often does reduce strong men to blubbering idiots overcome with tremendous joy. The power of love is perhaps best demonstrated by mothers faced with completely unlikeable offspring yet their love endures. The unbreakable strength of love keeps the world spinning in it’s orbit and allows us to live the good life.

Selling The Dream From The Comfort Of Home

The proliferation of work from home opportunity’s has made selling the dream from home computers a very enticing proposition and created a new marketing industry. The idea of working out of one’s home with the flexibility of controlling your own schedule, in effect becoming your own boss is very appealing to people from all walks of life.

Thanks to the overall mass attraction selling the dream from home has not only become the new American dream, it has quickly spread to become a world wide dream phenomena. And why not, anyone with a relatively inexpensive computer and a dream, a product, or just an idea, can easily reach a world wide audience.

Selling the dream is similar to selling burgers…put it in front of them and make them hungry.

Literally anyone with a desire to improve their position or just enhance their income producing ability can reap the benefits of selling the dream from the comfort of their own home. Although competition is fierce the playing field has been leveled allowing access with minimal experience and determination. The time is ripe to enter the work from home business world.

With the easy free access to marketing tools and training resources the ability to build and operate an online business is extremely easy compared to the early era when only the wealthy could gain access. The change is due largely to innovative online sources like the industry leading Wealthy Affiliate University that provides everything required to build and operate your own online business.

Although you are not likely to become rich overnight if you don’t try selling the dream you will never know what might have been. Considering the odds, you are much more likely to achieve wealth selling the dream than you are by playing the lottery. And wouldn’t it be nice if you only earn enough to escape the pay check to pay check nine to five daily grind.

In addition to selling the dream I recommend a steady income growth opportunity such as Global Ad Share that pays 150% return on your money. Again not overnight riches but it will build a nice nest egg for the future. Conventional savings and investments don’t come anywhere close to the growth rate. Just a though for your consideration.

Selling the dream may not interest you, or it could be just the solution you have been searching for. One thing is sure, if you continue doing what hasn’t worked so far most likely your situation will remain the same as it’s always been. Nothing will change until you take action, no one can or will do it for you so dream big and go for the gold.

Have You Seen These Great Illusions

You may need to refresh your browser in order to view the great illusions on this page. Sorry  if you are expecting something that doesn’t exist but that’s the nature of illusions.



Sorry if it doesn’t work for you click here for a great opportunity.



Don’t be alarmed…this is a test of the system…

Internet gurus are very skilled at creating illusions of wealth for online browsers, great illusions that fool thousands of online wealth seekers. So don’t feel bad if you have been suckered, you are in the company of multitudes of innocent victims from all walks of life. Many are highly educated and should know better but the temptation of easy money often over rides common sense.

The dream of great wealth and lavish life styles can be very powerful especially for those that have worked the daily grind for years with seemingly not a glimmer of hope for a better life. Swimming in despair they will grasp at any straw with a possibility of better income. The gurus are very aware of the situation, in fact they count on it and use it to their advantage.

When Internet millionaires offer to share their system with you, beware. They’re not millionaires but they are hoping that you will take the bait and help them become richer. And the system they want to share is the latest great illusion from their greedy minds. Don’t think they want to help you out of generosity, their only interest is in helping themselves.

It’s good to dream of a better income and better life but don’t expect to get it from online opportunity’s that promise overnight riches for doing very little or nothing. But don’t be disillusioned by all the phoney opportunity’s on the net, there are legitimate income producing opportunity’s too. If you have a dream and are willing to work you can achieve success.

Just watch out for too good to be true get rich quick schemes. I recommend building your own business with the help of the best free business training resource on the net, The Wealthy Affiliate University. If that’s too ambitious for you you might want to try out Global Ad Share. Neither one will make you rich instantly but they are legitimate ways to build a solid income for the future.




The Sky Is Blue And All Is Well

In a world that often makes little sense the sky is blue, the sun continues to shine and despite our best efforts the earth remains in orbit. Seems it’s beyond our powers to screw it up or we surely would have found a way by now.

Although we have made great technological advancements in the thousands of years since our creation we seem to have learned very little about how to coexist peacefully. Thousands die senselessly on a daily basis for petty reasons that boggle the mind. Greed and a hunger for dominance seems to be the prevailing excuse for world idiocy. I’m better than you so you must bow down or die because I want the whole pie.

According to the Bible a day of reckoning looms in the future and peace will be established for eternity. I don’t know about the rest of you but I can hardly wait to see it.

So all is not well right now but there is hope for the future and in the mean time I will do my best to make sense of it all. The world will continue to spin precisely as planned no matter what you or I think about it or do.

Peace on earth and good will to all mankind!

Dreaming The Impossible Dream

If you dare to dream the impossible dream you may be surprised to find that it becomes reality. Consider the dreamers throughout history who accomplished their dreams against all odds and suffered ridicule in the process and you could reach the conclusion that nothing is impossible. The only impossible dream is the one that hasn’t been realized yet because no one has dreamed it into existence.

Dream the impossible

Combine dreaming with positive action and who knows what you might accomplish. If you can dream it the possibility of making it explode into reality is very real so don’t be afraid to dream big, the bigger the better. Sure people will call you a dreamer but so what, there are lots worse names they could label you with. And if you accomplish your dreams you get the last laugh which makes it ever so sweet.

Of course dreaming without corresponding action will result in a life filled with dreams with nothing to show for it which will rightfully earn you the title of just being a dreamer not worth your salt. And that would truly be a life wasted as it benefits no one including you. Dreaming can be bad or good depending on what you do with your dreams so dream big and take positive steps to make your dreams a reality.

Dream for pleasure…

Dreaming without purpose other than pleasure in the moment leads to no where and can exhaust all your time if left uncontrolled. There is a major difference in day dreaming and night dreaming. Day dreams are within your power to control and direct in specific directions while night dreams come from the subconscious and may reveal areas of interest you were not even aware of.

Everyone has dreams and everyone dreams but not everyone pays attention to their dreams or considers them to be significant to their daily lives. I submit that dreaming is immensely important to our mental process and could be a contributing factor to good mental health. Dreams allow you to go places and experience things that you ordinarily would not be capable of or expect to find in your otherwise normal life.

Although I don’t recommend dreaming as a total way of life a certain amount of dreaming may be necessary for a balanced happy existence. Combined with positive thought and action it could be very beneficial to all aspects of daily life including both business and personal well being and success. Dreams could be the gateway to achieving more, beckoning you to stretch your wings and fly.

Dream chasers go all the way and expect to achieve the impossible.

Don’t just think about it…DO IT!

A Better Way To Go- It’s Up To You

No matter where you are trying to end up there is almost always a better way to go or a better method to achieve the desired end result in the most effective and efficient manner. There is always an abundance of knowledgeable experts that are eager to share their “best way” or secret for success. The problem is that most of them want you to take the best way that benefits them and it is not necessarily best for you.

My Best Way…

Stop working for the benefit of the program owners and build your own online business that will generate 100% income for you.

You can do it totally free, websites and all the necessary marketing tools to build your own successful business are furnished, no upfront charges or fee’s ever.

Even free training is provided by experts to teach you the skills and latest techniques for online business building and operation. Professional support staff is available to advise you around the clock seven days a week.



Like the title says it’s up to you, are you ready to join the ranks of the top marketers on the net as an independent business owner. It’s alright if you can’t handle it, after all it’s a tough way to go and only the most determined and motivated should even consider it. If you are the type that quits when the going gets tough stay on the porch and play with the little dogs.

Let us help you…

On the other hand if you are serious about building a successful online business and are ready to do what it takes, I and our staff and thousands of successful owners would love to help you succeed. Just click the banner above for more information and to create a free starter account. I will be waiting to greet you on the inside.


If you are still here I guess I haven’t convinced you yet and that’s okay, I know my best way may not be your best way. There are lots of alternatives, some good, some bad, and some mediocre. It’s up to you to choose the way you think is best for you, the important thing is to make a choice and stick with it. Commit for the long haul to a good opportunity and stop jumping from one to another. Any way you choose is going to take hard work but you can succeed if you believe and persist with dedication and motivation.

I believe my way is best mainly because it has worked very well for me and in addition to generating a nice income it allows me to meet and help lots of other people. And that’s what it’s all about as I learned years ago if you want success the best way to get it is to help others achieve success. That may sound strange to you but it works, help someone else and you will be helped.

Do unto others…treat them the way you want to be treated, I’m sure you have heard similar sayings. Maybe you never really gave it serious thought, if not maybe you should. Generally if you are nice to people they will be nice to you. Help them achieve success and they will help you achieve success.

The Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best examples of that theory on the Internet. Thousands of members all with different kinds of businesses but all eagerly helping each other. You can’t understand what I’m talking about until you join and experience it first hand. We would love to welcome you to the family and it won’t cost you a cent to join us. I hope you will, just go to your business starts here and create a free starter account.

I look forward to a long and prosperous friendship…ken

Success is accomplished one step at a time!


Experience The Thrill Of Success At Last

Like most marketers i have struggled to achieve the dream, success at last, seemingly an impossible feat that was only for others. Many promises of great wealth fell by the way side as only empty claims, often resulting in draining my financial resources which were already strained. I began to think everyone and every opportunity on the Internet was intent on taking my hard earned money by hook or crook.

I learned not to trust anything or anyone and even the slightest offer of money to be made would trigger my red flag alert senses activating escape mode. Any promises of easy money or auto pilot systems became a definite warning sign to leave it alone and exit as quickly as possible. How, I wondered could there be so many crooks on the Internet?

I had all but given up on the possibility of earning money on the Internet when quite by accident I discovered an unusual offer. No promises that I could get rich, in fact it didn’t even promise that I would earn anything at all. But they offered a guarantee that they would provide the necessary tools and training to build my own online business for free. They didn’t even ask for a credit card or any other payment forms. And that got my attention, I was hooked.

Amazingly they backed up every claim they made and I haven’t regretted the decision to accept their offer for a second and success at last has become a reality. Thanks to them I am my own boss of my own online business and here is the bottom line…I am making money at last. Want to know who they are and how you can get the same offer?

I have to tell you I upgraded to a paid membership, not because I had to but because I wanted to after I realized the unlimited potential of being an independent business owner. i could have remained a free member and I did make money as a free member but there is no limits as a paid member. Since I upgraded I have expanded and now own four successful online businesses.

And none of it would have been possible without the help and expertise of the greatest online training center in existence. There is nothing else on the Internet that even comes close to the value and opportunity for any amount. But I know there isn’t any reason for you to take my word for it and I don’t blame you if you are leery. But you don’t have to as it won’t cost you a dime to check it out for your self.

Go to your business starts here and be prepared to experience success at last.

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